Shooting in the Rain

Saturday was the second day of the annual Morro Photography Festival, but unfortunately the weather decided not to cooperate. I was scheduled to got out into Morro Bay on a boat to practice some bird photography at 1:30 which, go figure, was exactly when the rain started. Only about half the class showed up but we decided to brave the elements anyways. I got soaking wet, thought I was going to freeze to death, and to top it all off, wasn’t having much luck photographically. I managed to snag a couple of shots of a pelican diving that I liked, but that was about it. I was just about to give it up and pack my gear away when we came across a group of pelicans perched on a barge. We were able to get quite close and I got some images I really like, so in the end it ended up being worth it, and hey, at least I now know for sure the weather sealing on my camera works!


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